Why Join?

When it comes to your personal wellness, wealth and successful living, ask yourself:

  • Do you have the vitality and energy to enjoy the things you’ve always wanted to do?
  • Have you taken the steps necessary to prepare for your financial future?
  • Will you be able to maintain your current quality of life and standard of living after retirement?

If you’re like most people, you may have serious concerns about your long-term future — and for good reason. With today’s shocking health trends and unstable economy, it’s never too late to take control of your life... with greater personal wellness, wealth and purpose! 

Now is the time to take action! 

Harness the power of a booming, trillion-dollar growth industry! Starting today, join thousands of others just like you who have aligned themselves with TriVita — a trusted international wellness company with superior quality products, a proven business model that leverages the power of media, and a comprehensive marketing system with all of the business tools and support you need to succeed! 

Timing is critical in business and with 75 million baby boomers in North America over the age of 50, “healthy-aging” and “running out of money after retirement” are serious topics that dominate the media... and impact the economy! 

In fact, the economic impact of baby boomers in North America represents the third largest economy in the world, and according to recent statistics, 74% of people in North America age 55 plus purchase and consume dietary supplements! This confirms that Baby Boomers want to enhance their personal wellness and wealth so they can continue to maintain their standard of living and quality of life through healthy aging. 

What better time than NOW to position yourself on the leading edge of this trillion dollar growth industry! Experience greater wellness — and greater wealth — as an Independent Business Owner with TriVita! 

As a TriVita Business Owner, you will be in business for yourself but never by yourself. The company is dedicated to your success by providing you access to superior quality personal wellness products and all of the business training tools and support you need to grow a successful wellness business.

We invite you to enter a new world of discovery... by experiencing the TriVita difference: 

Founded in 1999, TriVita is an international leader in the trillion dollar global wellness industry, offering proprietary, superior quality wellness products in high demand that deliver a personal wellness experience. 

And with our Medical Advisory Board, physician-approved products and cGMP manufacturing, TriVita is a brand that delivers quality AND value!

Additionally, you will benefit from:

  • Trivita’s customer retention systems and product loyalty programs that promote stability... plus FREE live customer support and a generous Premier Membership Rewards program.
  • Our proven back-end marketing system, TriVita’s product catalog and numerous touch points each month will educate your customers and help stimulate product re-orders to create more revenue for YOU!
  • Vitality Planner, a cutting edge wellness tool that provides you with an online guide that helps you take control of your everyday quality of health and wellness and reduce potential health risks based on lifestyle, age and gender.

As a valued TriVita Business Owner, you and your customers will also benefit from TriVta’s state-of-the art personal Wellness Center with a dedicated staff of medical and health care professionals certified for comprehensive biometric testing and a variety of other health and wellness screenings and targeted lab testing will help you on your path to personal wellness.

A proven business model for success!

TriVita’s time-tested business model with a 17-year track record of success could profoundly impact your life by helping you reach your full physical and financial potential. And with our easy to use business support system, you can fast-track your TriVita wellness business from day ONE! Your dedicated support center includes: 

  • A simple back office management system to track your compensation and to ensure you receive all corporate communications immediately.
  • Personal corporate websites and business-building tools to help generate multiple revenue streams.

TriVita’s comprehensive business services and customer service support include: 

  • Free LIVE Support
  • Webinars
  • LiveStream presentations
  • and ongoing training.
  • Plus achievement recognition,
  • Dare to Dream retreats
  • and a Career Path Advancement Program.

Generous compensation and customer acquisition plans 

TriVita also offers one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry with:

  • 5 Time-tested Ways to Earn
  • Weekly Compensation Payout
  • 40% Bonus on First Order
  • Multiple Leadership Bonuses
  • Career Advancement Bonuses


Cooperative marketing program

Additionally, you can leverage the power of our unique Cooperative Marketing Program and branded advertising model — your competitive edge in a media-driven world. This time-tested model has been generating monthly income for TriVita Business Owners for over a decade! 

With the Cooperative Marketing business model, you can acquire media contacts directly from TriVita, and position yourself to earn revenue from customers generated by the company’s television, radio, print, direct mail and internet advertising efforts. 

TriVita’s time-tested approach to business and successful living creates synergy between the company and TriVita Business Owners-who work together to acquire media contacts and customers that could generate weekly cash flow and monthly residual income for you!

Everything you need to get started TODAY! 

​Get started immediately: no experience necessary, no special skills required. Enrollment is FREE (There is a $10 US/$12 CDN & AUS monthly charge that covers your back office, business building tools, Vitality Planner and more. ) 

PLUS: There are no employees or employee taxes to deal with... and stocking inventory and handling product is not required! 

At TriVita, we know that OUR success as a company is based on YOUR success as a TriVita Business Owner. So rest assured that TriVita will be there to support you — every step of the way!

We invite you to reclaim your future and begin your journey toward personal wellness, wealth and purpose, starting today. Take control... and experience the TriVita Difference!