Ways to Earn

Wealth-building Pillars of TriVita’s Compensation Plan 

TriVita’s primary wealth-building pillars:

  • Acquiring contacts and customers through your personal referral efforts and interaction as well as using our lead generation systems.
  • Acquiring media contacts and potential customers through our Cooperative Advertising Program
  • Acquiring customers and Independent TriVita Business Owners (ITBOs) by sharing the Vitality Planner
  • Recruiting Independent TriVita Business Owners (ITBOs) to do the same as above.

These primary pillars create a balanced and synergistic approach  to building a thriving and sustainable TriVita wellness business. And when it comes to successful living, what better foundation to build on than personal wellness, wealth and purpose! Now youcan create synergy and multiple streams of income with TriVita’s Compensation Plan and Business Model by leveraging a simple but profound wealth-building strategy.

Nothing can stop the power of a company whose time has come, and for YOU… and TriVita, that time is now!

TriVita offers one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry with:

  • 5 time-tested ways to earn
  • Weekly compensation payout
  • 40% bonus on first order
  • Multiple leadership bonuses
  • Career advancement bonuses

See TriVita's Compensation Plan for more details.

Experience Personal Wellness, Wealth and Purpose... Starting Today!

Why have thousands of people just like you joined TriVita as an ITBO? Because success is as simple as sharing TriVita products! You don’t need existing TriVita experience or super sales skills. With TriVita’s premier quality wellness products, your personal corporate websites, the Vitality Planner, Premier Membership, and our unique Cooperative Marketing Program (Co-Op), earning extra income can be as easy as recommending to others the products that worked so well for you or people you know. 

All you need to do is sign up as an ITBO and review and accept TriVita’s Policies and Procedures. Enrollment is FREE!

TriVita’s Cooperative Marketing Program (Co-Op)

When it comes to creating wealth for your life purposes, TriVita’s time-tested Cooperative Marketing Program (Co-Op) could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for! TriVita’s approach to successful living is the concept behind how the company and our Independent TriVita Business Owners work together to acquire media contacts and TriVita customers that could generate monthly residual income for you. 

A time-tested marketing system that attracts and retains customers

TriVita’s highly-integrated marketing system is time-tested and has been fined-tuned to attract customers to TriVita. Customer retention is extremely important as well. That’s why TriVita has a comprehensive back-end marketing system. ITBOs help support TriVita’s marketing efforts by personally enrolling new customers and purchasing media contacts who may become customers through the Co-Op program. The company, in turn, creates the marketing materials and programs to service the customers, resulting in compensation for ITBOs on future customer product purchases. 

TriVita advertises superior quality wellness products through a variety of media outlets including television, radio, print, direct mail and digital marketing with a strong web presence. Funded by the ITBOs who participate in the Co-Op program, this advertising generates media contacts and new customers every month. This strategic alliance between TriVita and ITBOs represents a primary element of the company’s “braided effect” and unique business model. 

A strategic Co-Op program that is simple and self-energizing

When an ITBO joins the company, they have the option of purchasing media contacts through TriVita’s Co-Op Reservation System. For a specific cost per media contact, an ITBO can qualify to receive future compensation that is generated from future product purchases. 

Every time a media contact (Member/Customer) orders TriVita products in the future, the ITBO who purchased the compensation rights to the media contact receives a generous 40% First Sale Bonus and a percentage of the revenues generated from ongoing product purchases (see Compensation Plan for details). 

The cost per media contact paid by the ITBO goes directly to fund customer acquisition media expenses and marketing efforts to create brand awareness and increased company visibility. ITBOs also advance the mission of TriVita by generating new customers through personal referrals. All personally-acquired customers are linked to the ITBO for future compensation. 

A service department that enhances the ITBO experience

TriVita’s Business Services department (TBS) is the most valuable resource for ITBOs. We have a dedicated staff of trained consultants available to answer questions and provide valuable information about TriVita’s business model and Co-Op program. TriVita provides websites, marketing resources, business building tools, and daily support to help ITBOs achieve success.

We invite you to participate in our Co-Op program — and see how this unique business system and TBS can work for you!