What if you could look into the future and see what modifiable health risks were waiting for you?  What if after acquiring that knowledge, you were then given a plan to chart a healthier future?  Why wait for something to happen?  Why not be proactive?  With rising health costs, it's easier to focus on being well, rather than getting better.

TriVita Vitality Planner is an online guide that helps you take control of your everyday quality of health and wellness and reduce potential health risks based on lifestyle, age and gender.  Based on your unique data, TriVita's Vitality Planner analyzes potential health risks to help you improve your overall wellness through our science-based, prediction technology engine. Powered by BaseHealth*, your data is cross-referenced against 30,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies in the U.S. drawn from over 70 million ethnically-diverse populations to give you a personalized snapshot of your potential, modifiable health risks.  BaseHealth brings expertise in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, genomics, personalized medicine, business and more.

By answering a few lifestyle and parent health questions online, the guide identifies potential future health outcomes and finds you ways to prevent these potential health risks by recommending daily lifestyle behavior changes through diet, supplements, exercise and hydration that are unique to you.

After you receive your Personalized Vitality Guide, expect to receive welcome, motivational and educational emails to help you along your health journey from Dr. Robert Sheeler, board certified medical doctor. A veteran of the Mayo Clinic and board certified in Holistic-Integrative Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Urgent Care, Dr. Sheeler hosts a series of cutting-edge health tips videos geared to bring you the latest trends, tips and self-monitoring information.

As an Independent TriVita Business Owner, you are given an access code you can share with others so they can take the Vitality Planner for free (normally $49.99US/$59.99 CDN & AUS).  When they access the Vitality Planner they are linked to you in your back office.  With the recommendations from the Vitality Planner on nutrition, as well as the recommendations in the video emails, your Vitality Planner contacts will find out what's right for them. When your contact purchases products, you are paid on their purchases. 

* Powered by BaseHealth LLC. Clinical Study Reference: Predictive Value of Personalized Risk Assessment to Prevent Multifactorial, Complex and Chronic Diseases