Easy to Start

You don’t need special technical skills or marketing experience to get started with TriVita! In fact, getting started has never been easier! TriVita has designed personal corporate websites on wellness, the business and the Vitality Planner to help you start to build your business, and you can leverage the power of television with TriVita's Cooperative Marketing.  You will receive compensation for all purchases made through your personal corporate websites, as well as from referrals and media as outlined in TriVita’s Compensation Plan and Policies and Procedures. 

Get started sharing wellness and building your business TODAY.

Outstanding Customer Acquisition and Retention Programs:

  • Vitality Planner is a cost-effective customer acquisition tool
  • Premier Membership allows your customer’s to earn rewards from their personal purchases as well as from purchases made by referred friends and family
  • Cooperative Marketing Program (Co-Op) provides another business building pathway by acquiring media contacts
  • Lead Generation system is another way of acquiring customers.

Effective Business Building Tools: replicable opportunity website for your business-minded customers

  • replicable website
  • Vitality Planner
  • Virtual back office and communication center

Valuable Knowledge and Training:

  • LiveStream training events
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Team Training
  • Business Retreats
  • Recognition