In Business, Timing is Everything!

TriVita, a well established health & wellness company is at the forefront of the personalized wellness care revolution and the unique opportunity to build a business with customers from the media.

As an Independent TriVita Business Owner, you will be positioned to take full advantage of this and build a profitable business while helping others live a greater quality of life.

The TriVita Story

TriVita was founded by Michael Ellison, who wanted to start a company that would provide people with the opportunity to create health and wealth. He started TriVita with a mission . . . to inspire people to experience wellness and to create wealth for their life purposes.

Our community of TriVita wellness seekers are driven by three core values:

  • We embrace and promote wellness for purpose.
  • We believe and seek wealth abundance.
  • We dare to dream . . . Big Dreams!

You can't enjoy your wealth if you don't have good health and if you have your health, but not the wealth, it is not as easy to do the things you want to do.  Equally important, as an entrepreneur, you need to dream big dreams.  Michelangelo once said, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”  You need to dream big dreams, but it's also having the right vehicle to achieve those dreams.

The Man Behind The Story

Our business was born out of this man's passion for helping people experience wellness. Hear his story of why he started TriVita.


Cooperative Marketing


To be successful in any business, you need customers.  The problem many people run into when starting a business is getting customers.  At first, you reach out to your family and friends, and then what?  Then you need to advertise, whether spending time using social networking or spending money on paid advertising.  For most entrepreneurs, acquiring and servicing customers is very difficult and challenging. In fact, most businesses fail because they can’t find and keep enough customers. 

TriVita has solved this problem with its powerful Cooperative Media Programs in which they acquire Media Contacts and Customers from TV, Radio, Print and Online Advertising.  In fact, since 1999 TriVita has acquired over 1 Million Customers in this way and continues to add new customers on a regular basis. 

Imagine having a real business with more customers being added on a regular basis.  And when you refer others that might want to have their own business, you can get paid generous rewards and commissions!

Cutting Edge Trends

You can acquire customers through the infomericals and there are also other cutting edge business tools to help you with customer acquisition, but what if what you're offering isn't the right solution for them?  Then you won't have repeat customers because they won't have a positive product experience. TriVita is part of two cutting edge wellness trends that is a game changer for you and your customers.

TriVita's  Vitality Planner is an online assessment backed by leading medical experts that helps your customers improve their everyday quality of vitality and wellness.  Once they take the assessment, they also receive a 30-day information packed video email series that provides value and recommendations for our products. This unique platform is available only through TriVita which helps to increase re-order rates and the value of each customer!

Customer Retention

The lifeblood of ANY business is not just getting customers but retaining them, and no one does it better than TriVita.

TriVita also increases the value of your customers, whether from the Co-op, your personal referrals, or our other customer acquisition systems with their back-end marketing. They send hundreds of thousands of 4-color product catalogs to customers every month to keep your customers interested and active.  There are also multiple follow-up customer campaigns from reaching out to our customers via phone and email as well as on social networking. After your customer takes the Vitality Planner, there is additional marketing that is done including a 30 video email series that contains motivational and educational emails from Dr. Robert Sheeler, board certified medical doctor. A veteran of the Mayo Clinic and board certified in Holistic-Integrative Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Urgent Care, Dr. Sheeler hosts a series of cutting-edge health tips videos geared to bring the latest trends, tips and self-monitoring information and also recommends our products. Dr. Robert Sheeler is a Family Physician who spent a substantial part of his career at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He is a Board Certified in Urgent Care, Holistic-Integrative Medicine and Integrative Medicine and certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine. 

All of this increases your retention and reorder rates, all at no cost to you.

Get Started Today

It is free to join and as soon as you join you receive your own replicated website and access to tools and training.  Just a $10US/$12 CDN & AUS monthly subscription fee covers your back office and the business tools as well as giving you access to share the Vitality Planner for free to others (The Vitality Planner normally costs $49.99US/$59.99 CDN & AUS but as an active ITBO you are given an access code to allow them to take it for free).